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css triangle menu

css3 sliding menu

Hi guys, Here you can find a very neat css3 menu with sliding tabs. It is very basic and simple, here is the code of it: css3 sliding menu

creating a serverless apps with localStorage

Hey fellas, Im going to explain to you the idea of how to create a native serverless application in javascript. I will link you to my js fiddle code here, and explain things afterwards The idea is to use localStorage a new feature that modern browsers have, you can check if the browser supports it [...]

jQuery fadeIn list of elements one after another

Hello again, Today im going to show you how you can fadeIn list of elements one after another. The code is simple, informative and short and it’s wrote with jQuery. Here it is: At first we declare the document.ready so that our JS will run after the DOM is fully loaded and we can start [...]

My blog facelift

Hi guys,   After a long time i have decided to build my own design for my blog. And i finally did it! This theme was based on a html5 naked theme of Starkers, and i have not used even one image in this theme, for all of the graphics i used pure CSS3 and [...]

Show Hide password field

Hey Mates, Today i’m going to explain to you how to create a checkbox that show/hides password field characters. We will be working with jQuery code, but you can easily can do it in any other framework. First lets see our markup: then we will add our jQuery to that page (best is in a linked [...]

HTML5 form features

HTML5 added new features into the FORMS, In this post we will learn about these features. If in html4/xhtml you could define only a few types of inputs, in HTML5 you can define a lot more, for example: color, so that browser that supports that input will display a popup with colors to choose from. date, [...]

css3 rounded corners

CSS 3 has many new methods to do what we have been doing in the hard way before, and one of them is rounded corners for boxes. The code for this is very simple, it goes like this: the idea is simple, each and every one of these lines refers to different browsers/ different versions [...]

Javascript prototype extension method

Lets say you have some string that you want to preform some action on him, like check if the string is Hebrew, to know if you want to display it as rtl text or ltr… first we will need to have that string in some integer like this: then we will need a String.prototype function [...]

Display Child Pages title & content on Parent Page

I am developing a custom theme for my client, and there was a need to show the title and the content of the child pages under the specific page within the website. I’ve been looking for a solution for a few days already and every solution iv’e found did the same thing, it posted the [...]